Top Ten Hottest Video Game Girls
Faith at #8 (Mirrors Edge)

Mirrors Edge was one of those weird games I didn't totally comprehend. I couldn't really follow the story, and I never fully understood the plot, but I do remember Faith. She was just so much fun to look at while I was wandering aimlessly through a confusing virtual world. Although I can't really recommend this game, I must admit, the graphics were amazing and the main character is sexy.

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Chun Li

Top Ten Hottest Video Game Girls
Chun Li at #9 (Street Fighter)

Although she really isn't the hottest girl out there, Chun Li played a pivotal role in paving the way for hot female fighters in video games. Soon after Chun Li's cameo, came Cammy, who was much hotter, as well as Kitana, Jade, and Mileena, in the Mortal Kombat series. Between her scanty outfit and muscular thighs, she was more than enough to keep my attention.

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Top Ten Hottest Video Game Girls
Morrigan at #10 (Dragon Age: Origins)

I really feel as if Morrigan deserves a higher place on this list, but there's just so many hot video game girls out there. What's really nice about Morrigan is that she's not even a main character in the game, she's more of a support character that you get early in the game and replace as the game progresses. I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of her though, because she's just so fun to look at.

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Sad post I found on reddit

I found this post on reddit a few days ago and I thought I'd share it here. It was written by   Readmynameandchillax on

I wasn't going to post anything on here but... Lots of memories stirred up, for good or bad.

I wish I could've married her. I should've married her. We were best friends from the age of six. She was the first girl I ever kissed, although I was practicing to kiss another girl at the time! Never got around to that, she had my heart from that moment on. I was actually the second boy she kissed because I told her my friend David liked her. A dumb attempt to deal with my feelings I guess, or a fear of rejection. She was way too good for me. She later told me she only kissed him to make me jealous. It did the trick! I remember playing in a football match after I saw them together, and even when he didn't have the ball I piled into him! Poor guy.

We watched movies together in all-night marathons, really cheesy stuff that made us both laugh. I can't bear to watch those films now. We used to cycle out in the countryside for hours, just exploring, then got summer jobs at competing seaside attractions, trying to out-sell each other on ice cream and hot dog stands. She always won. Even I preferred to eat at her stand!

She was going to be a doctor, I was going to film school. She was better than me in so many ways. Never quite knew what she saw in me. Even when I was a kid I knew she had been ill on and off for years. Finally she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She fought like hell and suffer through it too. I never would've been able to put up the fight she did. When she died she was barely able to hold my hand. She was 21 years and 20 days old. It was a month before my 21st birthday. She had said she wanted to be around to see me blow out my candles but she just couldn't hang on any longer. Just before she passed she apologised because she was going to miss my party. I wanted to cry like a baby but I didn't to do so in front of her. Didn't want to burden her. There was nothing else I could do for her.

I did go to film school. I became a screenwriter. And I write about her in every damn story I touch. I know my life would have been different if she'd lived. It's easier to do what you want when it's just you, never have to take anyone else's feelings into account. And I'd never have met the friends I have, who I treasure beyond words.

But I still love her and I think about her every day. It's been more than ten years and I'm still not over her. Sometimes I think it's unfair on the women I date because I go in just knowing they won't measure up to my now impossibly high standards. But I'm an official "good guy" and never hurt anyone if I can help it.

Sometimes I think I'd give the whole universe just to spend one more day with her. She was the best person I ever knew.

I miss her.

Keep in mind I did not write this post. I found it a few days ago on reddit, and it touched me deeply. I was in a similar situation and this post brought back so many memories for me. You can read about my similar story here, or you can see this original post on reddit here.

Faye Valentine

Top Ten Hottest Anime Girls
Faye Valentine at #1
(Coyboy Bebop)
At first I chose her as what I thought was my own personal opinion, but after reading up on it, it turns out she's in nearly every top ten list of this manor. I can see why. She is incredibly sexy throughout the series. Her take charge and some what cocky personality, as well as her assortment of skin tight outfits and, of course, her shapely figure make her very attractive. Happy new year and I hope you enjoyed this list.

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